Calls for Art

The Art of Change

Altered Esthetics seeks submissions from all artistic disciplines that can be touched, smelled, heard, moved, or somehow altered by viewers for the group show, The Art of Change, in July 2017. The Art of Change will move away from traditional gallery conventions where the audience is told to look and not touch. Viewers will have the opportunity to involve themselves in the artistic process through participation resulting in personal experiences with each work of art. This exhibit explores how the audience connects with a work of art by using their senses in addition to sight. The exhibit will be collaborative between artists and the viewers to create interactive experiences and changed works of art.

Submission deadline: May 29th, 2017

Exhibition dates: July 7th –July 30th

Submission Guidelines:

  • Up to five images relating to the theme
  • No submission fee, but if selected artists are expected to pay a $35 exhibition fee. Waivers are available for low-income artists.
  • 2D artwork must be ready to hang, preferably wired with eye hooks. Artists are expected to provide any special materials needed for installation.
  • Artists are expected to provide all necessary tools for handling their art (gloves, headphones, etc.).
  • Altered Esthetics gallery is in a shared building so art cannot permanently alter the space.
  • An artist statement that specifically addresses your submitted work in context to the theme is encouraged.

Submission Instructions:

Please use this form to submit your art to The Art of Change:

If you have any questions, please email us at