August 28 - 29

The Trylon Cinema
2820 E 33rd St
Minneapolis, MN 55406


Atoms Searching for Immateriality: Anne-Marie Bouchard
Indirect Animation: Colin Stanhill
Sunspots: John Jannone
Scenes From The Periphery: Derek Taylor
Resist In Place: Ellen Mueller
Underground: Beth Peloff
Mygraine MyGroan MyGain: John Akre
A Comfortable Hole: Fulla Abdul-Jabbar
Nuages: Matt Semke
The Equatorial Calms: Derek Taylor
Analogue: Ian Haig
Intellectual Advice Cat: Sishirprithvi Bommakanti
BOOKANIMA: Dance: Shon Kim
Everted Sanctuaries V: Ryan Lewis
Diary 2013-2018: Soyeon Kim
Crevices Of Which I Follow: Jes Reyes
The Last Drive In, MN: Tyler Lauer
What We Do To Ourselves: Gisell Calderón and Isa Escalona
Bluestein: Martha Ormiston
Maids: Sofía Castro
Dumpling: Xiaolu Wang
Sneeze: Yunjin Woo
Secondary Surfaces Retraced: Roma Flowers
Here: Chandni Srivastava
Batikh: Sarah Abdel-Jelil
Dream Color: Brandon Wilson
Chimera: Kounosuke Kawakami
Dreamscape #1: Lovers: Nataša Stearns
Unfold: John Graham
O: Gisell Calderón
Habitual//Unindividual: Lyn Corelle
a brief autobiography: featured artist Maret Davies Polzine



Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 12.15.02 PM.png

Maret Davies Polzine

Altered Esthetic’s 2019 featured artist is Maret Davies Polzine, a local experimental animator and filmmaker. For this year’s Ae Film Fest, Maret has been working on a hand-drawn paper animation, and would like to invite YOU, the audience, to participate in the drawing process.

Join Maret at the first night of the festival as soon as the doors open, August 28th at 6:30pm, to draw/doodle/write/scribble on some pages of the animated film. The result will be photographed later that night, and screened at the second night of the festival the very next day!




Established in 2014, Altered Esthetics' largest program is the the Ae Film Festival (formerly the Ae Art House Film Festival), an annual event dedicated to the organization’s mission to foster an inclusive and sustainable arts community through exhibitions, education, and outreach.

The festival exhibits artists who explore the art of the moving image, including artworks that represent experimental narratives, genre-expanding documentary, contemporary art practices, and avant-garde poetics. The selections of short film and video work stretch the notion of what the moving image is and can be.