Our Mission

To foster an inclusive and sustainable arts community through exhibitions, education and outreach.

Our Vision 

We envision a vibrant, inclusive arts community that supports artists and their engagement with a wider audience. We envision an economically vital arts community where diverse views and opinions can be exchanged. To support our vision we provide open spaces for participatory arts experiences.

Our Values

Engagement, Diversity, Authenticity and Access

  • We encourage a community engaged in robust dialogue, the creation of new works that are accessible.

  • We help artists develop their voice and refine their practice  by providing educational opportunities.

  • We support a diversity of artists, mediums and audiences.

  • We build transparent partnerships between Altered Esthetics, the arts community and the public.

  • We embrace ethical practices in our operations and communication with funders, artists and community members.


In 2014, we began a partnership with The Southern Theater during Ae Without Walls, a time when we closed our gallery doors at the Q.arma Building in Northeast Minneapolis to explore pop-up exhibitions. Our partnership has expanded over the last couple of years, and as of January 2016, The Southern is now Ae's home! 

Currently, patrons of the Ae gallery at The Southern Theater can view the artwork before and after theater performaces. Regular gallery hours are coming soon though! View the theater schedule and learn more about how to become an ARTshare member: http://southerntheater.org/home/1494-2/. As an artSHARE member you will have full access to the resident companies at The Southern, including Altered Esthetics film festival in July!

The 2nd floor gallery is only accessible by stairs. We apologize for this and will make any effort we can to make sure that individuals who cannot access the 2nd floor will be able to see images of the artwork upstairs.

Gallery / Mailing Address:

1420 Washington Avenue South

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454

Gallery Hours:

Fridays and Saturdays 6:30 to 7:30pm and during opening receptions are 5:00 to 7:00pm. 

Support Ae

Altered Esthetics is a nonprofit community organization run by a volunteer-driven board who donate their time to create workshops, exhibitions, and events for emerging artists. Donations allow us to offer programs and opportunities which support local emerging artists. You can help Ae by giving at https://www.givemn.org/organization/Altered-Esthetics. Thank you for your support!