Altered Esthetics is built upon the strength of volunteers who are arts advocates.

Altered Esthetics is built upon the strength of volunteers who are arts advocates.

Solo Exhibitions Director

The function of the Solo Exhibitions Director will be to develop and maintain a schedule of solo-artist exhibitions for the organization, partnering with other organizations and artists in the community.

All Board positions are voluntary, and will incur professional experience, community and artistic connections, and learning opportunities. Board members receive no monetary compensation for their services.

Time Commitment: 
Board members serve 3-year terms. 1: training/transition. 2: development. 3: training/transition. 

General Duties:
Board members serve on the Altered Esthetics board for a three year term, attending monthly board meetings and working with stakeholders to serve and further Altered Esthetics' Mission. 

Specific Duties Include: 

  • Work with the exhibitions committee and board chair to establish a solo exhibition program
  • Research locations for potential solo exhibition spaces
  • Create a master/resource list of artist funding opportunities and partner organizations
  • Help establish a democratic submission procedure for artists
  • Establish payment schedules and processes with partner organizations
  • Work with the Exhibitions Committee to determine a solo show schedule
  • Work with volunteers, board members, artists and interns for installations and procedures
  • Collaborate with the press director and street team for show promotions
  • Transport artwork between partner venues and the gallery as needed
  • Work with the exhibitions committee, chair and treasurer to establish the solo show budget
  • Travel locally as needed to the partner organizations or venues
  • Facilitate online galleries for solo shows
  • Coordinate printed media such as postcards, tags and artist statements

Application Instructions:

To apply for a board position please submit a letter of intent and resume to lodux001@umn.edu.