Festival fashion evolves with each passing season. As trends come and go, coordinating rave outfits for guys is an ongoing challenge.

Music festivals are sometimes used as a punchline for all of the dubious decisions made at them.

There’s not much to be done other than food or drugs, but you can keep your fashion choices from becoming the butt of a joke.

7 Mistakes to Avoid With Rave Outfits For Guys

Whatever festival you’re heading to, there are a few general pitfalls to avoid. Steer clear of them to avoid winding up in the following festival cringe compilation.

Novelty Sunglasses

Do you remember shutter shades? Yeah, 2007 was a while ago, but it seems that every few years, some influencer tries to force them to make a comeback.

Similarly, goofy styles should be avoided as well. Grown adults have a hard time getting away with looking like they still shop at Spencer’s Gifts.

Instead, consider this as an opportunity to upgrade to some proper sunglasses. You’ll get plenty of use out of a good set of glasses year-round, so this is one area where investing will pay dividends.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are best reserved for the pool or the beach. Otherwise, the lack of any support or shaping will absolutely kill your feet after a long day or night out. And good luck finding them again if one slips or gets kicked off in a crowd.

The alternative will depend on location and weather. For truly hot and dry settings, a bright pair of sandals are acceptable.

Beyond that, a couple of canvas sneakers is probably the way to go. They’re lightweight, breathable, and, should the weather turn unpredictable, washable.

Silly Hats

You may as well take the previous remarks on novelty glasses and apply them to headwear.

Leave the trilbys and cowboy hats at home, or better yet, on the store shelf where you found them.

A classic ball cap is s more innovative way to go. It’ll do its job and is minimal enough to work with any outfit.

Fancy Dress

Themed dress seems to be a staple of music festivals for no adequately explainable reason.

Our advice is to save the costume parade for Halloween. There are much better options for making a colorful impression that doesn’t involve dressing up like cartoon characters.


Another festival staple that persists despite flying in the face of all good sense, the mankini should be an obvious non-starter. And yet, there always seems to be an enclave of guys who think they’re a sound idea.

Swim shorts will more than meet the task. Breathable and quick-drying should the weather take a sour turn, they can do anything a mankini can. Only better because they’re not a mankini.

Low-Cut T-Shirts

So maybe you’ve been hitting the gym, and you have the pecs to show for it. That’s well-and-good, but please don’t go for the low-cut tee to show it off. That look lived and died in the early aughts.

Instead, we recommend going with a classic tank. That way, you can show off a bit without looking like a temporally displaced boy band member.

Stripping Down

In line with the mankini, men stripping down to their skivvies (or worse, nothing at all) is one of those behaviors that certain men think is permissible at a crowded festival. Please don’t be one of those guys.

If, however, you do feel compelled to show some skin, at least try to do it tastefully. Opting for an open coat or jacket with no shirt underneath makes a similarly bold statement without any pesky indecent exposure charges.

Get The Most Out of Your Festival Experience

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